About Stone Benches

Stone Bench

A beautiful garden compliments the beauty of the house and for that reason many people put a lot of effort and time to create a beautiful garden which also offers them a place to sit, relax and admire their garden’s beauty. However, to be able to stop and sit in your garden you need a bench.

There are many types and styles of benches to choose from but there is one type which is often overlooked despite the fact that it has been an important element in gardens since the ancient times – stone bench. It evokes the image of a classical garden adorned with classical statues and fountains but a stone bench looks great in just about every garden because it comes in both classical and contemporary styles. In addition, modern stone benches are not intended to enhance the beauty of the garden only but are also designed to provide their owners a comfortable place to sit and relax.

As already mentioned earlier, stone benches are available in many different styles and designs which means that they compliment every garden regardless of its style. For example, a minimalistic stone bench looks amazing in a contemporary garden, while a classical stone bench is virtually a must in Neoclassical and Victorian gardens. The choice of styles and designs is truly enormous and finding the perfect stone bench for your garden therefore should not a problem although you can also have it custom made.

Stone Bench

The choice of materials of which stone benches are made is just as rich as choice of styles and designs. Some of the most popular stone materials for garden benches include limestone, granite, marble and sandstone all of which are resistant to the effects of the weather and time. With a stone bench, you do not have to worry about it being ruined by the sun, rain, snow and even hail which makes it very convenient because you do not have protect it from rain, for instance, nor store inside during the winter months like benches made of other materials including wood and plastic. In addition, a stone bench will not change its appearance for many decades. When it does, it will even get more beautiful but by the time you will be long gone.

Stone benches require virtually no care and maintenance. They can be put directly to the ground although a gravel or stone path will further emphasize both the beauty of the garden and the stone bench itself. Stone bench does not require any waterproofing nor staining and it will not rust nor deteriorate. It will not change its colour either. It requires occasional dusting only and removal of algae from time to time. Algae do not cause any harm to the stone and can be easily washed off in a matter of minutes.

Stone benches are not inexpensive but their cost greatly depends on the chosen stone material, size and design. On the other hand, a stone bench can be easily passed on to many generations to come because it can last for hundreds of years not just decades which is why it is worth of every penny.