Advantages of Stone Benches


Selecting the perfect bench for your garden is a highly important task. A beautiful bench that matches with your garden’s style will gave it the final touch, additionally enhance its beauty, and provide you a comfortable place to rest and spend quality time outdoors. The choice of styles, designs and materials of which garden benches are made is enormous which is why it is important to take time and compare the advantages as well as disadvantages between different types of benches.

Stone benches have a long history but surprisingly, they are not seen often in gardens. This is probably due to the fact that there is a misconception that they are cold, uncomfortable and suitable for classical gardens only. However, they neither cold nor uncomfortable and look absolutely amazing in every garden because they come in all possible styles and designs you can imagine. Stone warms up pleasantly during the summer days when most people spend their leisure time outdoors and their gardens, while the today’s stone benches are not designed to compliment the classical decoration in the garden like in the past but are made to provide its owner all the comfort you could possibly expect from a bench.

Beautiful Stone Bench

Stone is a natural material which is why a stone bench blends with the garden and landscape like no other material, while virtually countless styles and designs make it a perfect choice for every garden style not just the classical looking ones. But why would you choose stone over other materials? After all, wood is a natural material as well, right? That may be true but stone has unique qualities which cannot be compared to other materials including wood. First of all, stone lasts for hundreds of years in contrary to wood which will in best case serve its purpose well for few decades if exposed to all sorts of weather elements. Stone, on the other hand, withstands the most harsh weather conditions and does not need to be protected from the weather elements. Stone does not have to be waterproofed nor stained and its colour will not fade even if baked by the sun. It will not rust like metal either nor moved around easily by the wind like plastic, for instance. There is also no risk of stone becoming a home to the insects.

Another great advantage of stone benches is the fact that they do not require any maintenance. Stone will not change its appearance that easily and by the time it does you will not be around to be able to admire the beauty of “aged” stone that is even more charming. This leads to another advantage of stone – its unparalleled beauty. There is something about stone that makes it absolutely gorgeous, especially if beautifully carved which is why it is still closely tied with luxury and prestige.

Due to outstanding qualities of stone and its timeless beauty, stone benches are relatively expensive but they are a great investment that will be appreciated and highly valued by many generations to come.