How to Choose a Stone Bench

Stone Bench

A stone bench will give your garden’s beauty the final touch as well as provide you a place to stop, sit and admire your work and beautiful flowers attracting butterflies, bees and bumblebees. There is no better way to spend the day than sitting in the garden, reading a great book, spending quality time with your family or friends, or simply relax and enjoy the scenery. A stone bench enables you to do just that because a carefully chosen stone bench does not impress with its beauty only but it is functional, comfortable and pleasantly warm when heated by the sun.

The choice of stone benches is enormous and finding the perfect one for your garden should not be a problem. They come in all possible styles and designs which makes them ideal for both classical and natural looking garden because stone simply merges with the nature or/and enhances the existing garden stone decoration. This means that you should primarily keep in mind the style of your garden when choosing a stone bench in order to make sure that will compliment your garden’s style. For example, a simple design will work best for rustic and natural looking gardens, while ornate and richly decorated stone bench will compliment a classical garden. Although the offer of stone benches is virtually countless it is worth to take time and check the offer at different places. And remember that the perfect stone bench is like love at first sight. You will know which one is “the one” as soon as you see it.

Stone Bench

The next factor to pay attention to when searching for the perfect stone bench are the stone materials. Stone benches can be made from just about any kind of stone including marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, etc. All are excellent choices and have all the qualities of stone but it is true that there are some differences between different stone materials. For example, marble is the most prestigious of all stone materials and is the best choice if you want to give your garden a touch of luxury. However, the more prestigious and sought after the stone material the higher its price which leads to another important factor in the choice of a stone bench – its costs.

Stone benches are not inexpensive but the price depends on several factors including the choice of stone material and the bench’s size as well as design because benches that require higher amount of craftsmanship or/and resemble artworks rather than a place to sit on are much more expensive. The level of comfort should be taken into account as well when choosing a stone bench, especially if you intend to use it as a garden furniture. In this case, you should perhaps consider a bench with a back and armrest in order to increase the level of comfort.

A carefully chosen stone bench will impress you every time you lay eyes on it for the rest of your life as well as many future generations because stone last forever and gets even more beautiful over the years. For that reason you are highly recommended to wait with the purchase of a stone bench until you are absolutely sure that you have found the perfect one. There is another option which is worth considering as well – custom made stone bench. However, in this case you should choose a stone craftsman very carefully and make sure that he/she understands what you want and has the necessary knowledge and skills to do it.