Stone Benches in the Past and Today

Stone Bench

The use of stone is just as old as the humanity itself. Stone has played an important role in the development of the human race and remains an important material for many applications. It has been always highly valued for its unique beauty and extreme durability because unlike other materials including concrete, stone virtually lasts forever.

The oldest stone benches are thousands of years old. Stone is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and is not destroyed by the rain, direct sun exposure nor snow which makes it ideal material for garden benches that need to withstand all the mentioned weather elements. And both ancient Greeks and Romans were well aware of the qualities of stone. However, many ancient stone benches were not particularly comfortable because their main purpose was to enhance the garden rather than provide its owner a place to sit and enjoy the beauty of his/her garden.

Old Stone Bench

Stone benches were very popular during the Middle Ages as well as during the Neoclassical movement in the 18th and 19th century but eventually, they were largely replaced by benches made of other materials such as wood and later metal and plastic. Each of the mentioned materials has its advantages but stone has unique qualities which is why there has been an increase in demand for stone benches in the recent years.

One of the main reasons for increased interest in stone benches is the fact that they offer all the qualities of stone including extreme durability, require virtually no maintenance and give the garden a unique appeal as well as all the comfort a bench can offer. This means that stone benches are no longer cold and uncomfortable place to sit but a cosy sitting place that gives your garden a unique character and additional charm. People who work with stone are very well aware of the bench’s function in a modern garden – aesthetic value and comfort. For that reason the majority of today’s stone benches are not designed to look beautifully only.

But is not stone a cold place to sit on? Absolutely not because the stone absorbs the heat from the sun and the air which makes a stone bench pleasantly warm during the summer months when most garden owners spend their time outdoors. Stone benches also come in many different styles and designs which makes them suitable for just about every garden style.

Stone benches have retained their traditional qualities including durability, beauty and convenience due to stone’s natural resistance to the effects of both the weather and time. Stone materials of which most stone benches are made continue to be associated with prestige and luxury which means that they have also retained their historic value. Stone benches therefore are not inexpensive although the prices primarily depend on the stone material and design. However, there is one major difference between stone benches in the past and today – comfort. Today’s stone benches are just as beautiful as they always were but provide a higher level of comfort than ever before.