Types of Stone Benches and Accessories

Stone Bench Type

A stone bench is an excellent idea whether you want to enhance your garden’s beauty or have a place to sit in your garden, or both. Benches made of stone are not as popular as other types of materials for benches because many people still erroneously think that they are uncomfortable and cold which also makes them an ideal choice if you would like your garden to look different from the neighbour’s.

Stone benches come in many different styles which is why they fit perfectly into all garden styles. You can choose between Art Deco, Victorian and contemporary stone benches made of different stone materials. Some of the most common choices include limestone, sandstone, granite as well as marble if searching for a truly exquisite piece for your garden. All types of stone materials have their own character and a unique charm but all of them will last longer than your lifetime. After all, some of the greatest masterpieces and architectural achievements in human history were made of stone. For example, the Great Pyramid of Giza which is the only surviving monument of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was built entirely from limestone. Another excellent example of stone’s durability is the Parthenon in Athens that was built from marble. The list of stone structures that have survived thousands not only hundreds of years is virtually countless. This means that your stone bench will virtually last forever as well regardless of the stone material you choose.

Stone Bench

The choice of style and the stone material are completely up to you and your personal preferences although some stone materials are significantly more expensive than the others. For that reason it is also worth to pay attention to price ranges, especially if you plan getting some accessories as well. A carefully chosen stone bench looks gorgeous and impressive by itself and does not need any accessories but adding it a beautiful stone table, for instance, will improve its functionality by enabling you to drink your morning coffee out in the garden and host your guests during summer time. A stone bench also goes well with other stone accessories such as fountains, garden plaques, stepping stones, planters and birdbaths. As you see, your options and combinations are virtually countless.

There is also a type of stone benches known as the memorial benches which enable you to engrave the name of a loved person, important dates such as your wedding anniversary, your favourite sayings, etc. giving your stone bench an additional meaning. A memorial bench is also a great way to make sure that you and your loved ones will not be forgotten by the future generations because stone last hundreds and even thousands of years.

One of the greatest advantages of all types of stone benches as well as stone accessories is the fact that you do not have to do anything to extend their durability nor keep them beautiful. Stone is naturally resistant to the effects of the weather which means that you can easily leave your stone bench and other garden stone d├ęcor outside all year round without needing to worry about unfavourable weather conditions affecting their beauty, lifespan or functionality.